An extremely scary and emotional roller-coaster ride was how I would have described life during my early pregnancy. From the moment I met Karen and she became my doula I was comfortable and started to feel excited about my pregnancy. Mentally, emotionally and physically she was there every step of the way. Providing me with the best information and preparing me for the healthiest and safest labor and delivery possible. Regular meetings, phone calls, messaging, educating and  always offering moral support she’s extremely good at what she does. THERE’S NOTHING I WOULD EVER FORGET ABOUT HER AND MY EXPERIENCE!
I rember  a few hours before delivery my life had flased before my eyes as I reflected on everything I was facing. I started to become overwhelmed and I honestly started to doubt myself. Reminding me that I was not alone Karen held my hand, she rubbed my back, she spoke positive words, she coached me, she encouraged me and helped me to remain calm. Even when my eyes were closed after delivery Karen honored every wish of my birthing plan that she and I had prepared together.
I can surly say I didn’t know my own strength until this pregnancy, and Karen helped me in realizing it!
It’s amazing how one single individual could provide the support of an entire team.
Karen, I’m not sure you know how much of a blessing you were to me but you were and I’m extremely grateful. I honestly could not have gotten through my pregnancy and experience the best labor and delivery without you!!! You are an amazing person with an amazing heart. Thank you Karen  Leishma for everything but most of all for NEVER LEAVING MY SIDE! And thank you Mumda for providing such professional and amazing services! 🤗❤🤰🏾🤱🏾 💊
I would always recommend both Karen and Mumda to any family that’s expecting and encourage them to have fun in planning for their new edition/editions.

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