What is an Induction?

Pregnancy induction is a process doctors use to start labor. Sometimes, your doctor may decide, due to medical reasons, that an induction is necessary. They do this using; medicines, membrane sweeping or stripping, breaking the mother’s amniotic sack, the use of a foley catheter, or other methods to encourage the baby to be born.

There are several reasons why a doctor might decide to induce labor. One reason is if the baby is overdue, meaning it has stayed in the womb too long. Another reason is if there are health problems with the mother or baby that make it safer for the baby to be born sooner. For example, if the mother has high blood pressure, it might be better to have the baby come out earlier.

The process of induction can be done in different ways. One common method is using a medicine called Pitocin, which is given through an IV to help start contractions. Another method is to use a special gel or insert that helps to soften the cervix, the part of the body that needs to open for the baby to come out. Sometimes, doctors might break the water bag around the baby to get labor started.

Induction of labor can sometimes take a while. It might take a few hours or even a couple of days for the baby to be born. Doctors and nurses will keep a close watch on the mother and baby to make sure everything is going well. It’s important for both to be healthy and safe during this process.