Karen L. Was the perfect doula

Karen L. Was the perfect doula for my first birth. She was the exact presence I needed in addition to my husband and mom. My mom is usually pretty chaotic and very hovers and Karen balanced her out perfectly with her calm and grounding demeanor. If I wanted someone to worry with me I’d look at me mom and if I needed to forget my worry I looked at Karen. Her face was always peaceful and expected nothing from me. No look of question on her face, just acceptance of the situation and how I was dealing with it. She was very respectful of my religious beliefs and even provided materials related to my faith. One of the quotes she provided actually stuck with me through labor and I’ll never forget it. “When my strength runs out, His is only beginning”. I would absolutely recommend Karen to anyone who is mostly looking for a grounding and calm presence for their birth experience.

Side note: my labor was on the longer side and Karen never complained nor did she look inconvenienced. She was very serving. She also took AMAZING photos of my birth and I get to look at the moment my baby came out. Very thankful.

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