There are many options available regarding your labor and/or birth experience. I can explain your options and help you decide which ones work best for your birth preferences. You can share these with your provider and see if they agree with your plan. Keep in mind, you do need to remain flexible as things can come up during your pregnancy and/or labor that might require you to alter your plan for the safety of you and your baby(s).

Labor Inductions

The process or treatment that stimulates childbirth and delivery with either pharmaceutical or non-pharmaceutical methods. Some of these methods are membrane stripping or sweeping, nipple stimulation, raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose oil, foley bulb, pitocin, medications, or breaking your water/membranes.

Pain Relief Measures

These can also include either pharmaceutical or non-pharmaceutical methods. Some of these methods are nitrous oxide/laughing gas, IV pain medication, epidural, breathing techniques, distraction, music, massage, warm shower or bath, keeping active, TENS, counter pressure, hip squeezes or even a comb.

Labor and Birthing Positions

There are many options and devices available to you during labor and a vaginal delivery. These may include a birth ball, peanut ball, CUB, hands and knees, squat bar or side lying.

Cesarean or Belly Birth

Even if you need to have a scheduled or unscheduled surgery to remove your baby through your abdomen there are still some choices that you may have. These include having your partner and/or doula present, using a clear drape at delivery so that you can see your baby after being born, playing your own music in the OR, having pictures taken, or having skin to skin as soon as possible while still in the OR.

Newborn Medications

They will asked about your baby receiving antibiotic eye ointment, vitamin K injections and the first Hepatitis B vaccine. I can provide you with evidenced based information to help you decide which of these medications you would or wouldn’t like in your birth preferences.